Make statistics publicly available

With Trackboxx it is possible to make your dashboard including the statistics of your website publicly available.

For this purpose, a so-called "public URL" can be created, which you can then send to a customer or interested party, for example, or which you can also embed as an iframe in another website, for instance.

How do I create the "public URL" ?

Click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the main menu. Here you can select your specific website and click at the 3 dots at the very right.

In the following menu you select "public URL".

In the following popup you click "create public URL" and get your individual URL which is now accessible for everyone.

If you want to delete this public URL, simply click on "public URL" again on the corresponding website. In the popup you will now also see an option "Delete public URL".


If you want to embed your dashboard e.g. via iFrame, it looks visually better if the header and footer of the dashboard are hidden.

To enable this, simply add the following parameters to your Public URL:


A URL then looks like this, for example:


You have questions, need support or just want to get something off your chest, then we look forward to your request.