On our roadmap we inform you about planned work and expansions. You can comment and discuss the corresponding points.

We divide the whole thing into 4 areas:

  • Ideas/suggestions from Trackboxx users and the Trackboxx team
  • Planned features
  • Features in progress
  • Implemented features


Important! We will primarily list "bigger" features here. Regardless of these points, we are currently working on improvements and enhancements on a daily basis, and we are regularly adding them to the software.

You have an idea or a wish that should be implemented in the Trackboxx?

Features in progress

#15 Performance optimization

January 27, 2021

In the course of testing tracked websites that have a large number of visitors, it was noticed that longer loading times occur when displaying larger time periods. In the course of this, we are currently working on optimizing the queries and the structuring of the database.

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#12 Provide WordPress Plugin

September 1, 2020

Via a WordPress plugin, the Trackboxx tracking code can be integrated directly into the theme. Via the WP Admin Panel, statistics can also be viewed directly in WordPress.

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Planned Features

#8 Average number of visitors by time

July 27, 2020

Implementation of a new module that displays the average number of visitors depending on the time of day.

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#7 Different time selection next to the displaying graph

July 27, 2020

Similar to Google Analytics, there will be the option to change the view of the graph. The following options will be available hourly, day, week, month.

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Ideas and Suggestions

#4 Possibility to change the graph to a bar chart

July 20, 2020

Currently, the graph showing the statistics is a simple line chart. For some people a bar chart might be more appealing. Therefore it might be an option to be able to switch between line and bar charts.

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Implemented Features

#25 Outgoing links display

August 4, 2021

A feature that was also requested by several customers is the display or listing of all "outgoing links" - that is, which external links you have included on your website are clicked where and how often.

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#22 Display of the search terms via Google

July 5, 2021

We will be implementing the Google Search Console data. After linking, your Trackboxx dashboard will show all search terms that have taken place via organic search on Google.

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#21 Track search queries

April 1, 2021

Many websites and of course online stores use search functions to search for specific results or products. Similar to Google Analytics or Matomo, a function is planned to track and evaluate such search queries.

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#20 Filter functions for pages overview page

March 27, 2021

But for larger websites this is not sufficient and e.g. single pages should be searched. Therefore we implement a search field with which you can search directly for a URL.

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#19 Real Time Statistics

March 2, 2021

With the Real Time Statistics it is possible to evaluate the current live data of your visitors. It shows you how many visitors are currently online and where they are on your website.

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#16 UTM Tracking

January 27, 2021

For example, with the help of UTM parameters you can analyze exactly how many clicks a specific post on Facebook sends to your target. Or you are able to see how many users clicked on a link in your last newsletter.

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#3 Individual, optimised view on mobile devices

October 17, 2020

Currently, the view of the statistics in your Trackboxx is already optimised for a mobile device. Nevertheless we are aware that especially for the Smartphone there is still "a lot of room for improvement". For this reason we are already "building" a completely independent design for the mobile view of the Trackboxx. The goal is to create a more effective and stylish view of your traffic data on the Smartphone.

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#14 Targets / Event Tracking

October 9, 2020

Possibility to define your own goals to monitor and evaluate special actions on your website. For example, how often a newsletter was subscribed to, or how often a special subpage was visited.

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#10 Detailed view of individual pages & statistics

August 29, 2020

This "feature" is currently one of the most important extensions for the Trackboxx. Currently we offer the possibility to understand what is happening on the monitored website. However, a deeper analysis is not yet possible. With this extension we would like to bring the Trackboxx to a new "level" and to distinguish ourselves clearly from direct competitors. With the implementation of this extension it will be possible in the first step to analyse all pages individually with regard to visitor numbers, links, bounce rate etc. It should also be possible to understand better and more effectively what is happening on the website.

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#13 Multilanguage - App also available in English

August 23, 2020

The web app is to be offered in English for the international market. Via the Account Settings a fixed setting of the languages German or English is possible. If no language is selected, the browser settings are used.

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