Release Notes

v3.9.1 - 11.08.2023

  • Function extension for WordPress Plugin (Integration of e-Commerce Tracking, tracking coupon value)
  • changes at real time, in default only one graph is shown (users), bugfixing

v3.9 - 14.08.2023

  • Google Analytics Import
  • update payment method added to account setting page
  • cosovo flag missing
  • improve user invite features
  • translations

v3.8.6 - 19.07.2023

  • modification of "invite user" feature. Under Websites you can now see when you have invited a user and what the status of the user is. "invited" or "active".
    As an invited user you will see the status "invited" on the corresponding website.

v3.8.5 - 17.07.2023

  • optimise "exclude URL" function, now its possible to exclude complete pathes via "/your-sample-path/(.*)"
  • E-Mail translations
  • implementation first version of google analytics import (for beta user)

v3.8.4 - 06.07.2023

  • Invoices are now shown in your account page at trackboxx
  • translations

v3.8.3 - 22.05.2023

  • improved filter functions

v3.8.2 - 16.05.2023

  • new column called 'goals' to the module pages.
  • Bug fixing - goals were not shown on /pages/

v3.8.1 - 15.05.2023

  • improvement csv export
  • improvement filter functions
  • exclude url`s from tracking (paid accounts)
  • yearly subscription options for google search console and unlimited user addon
  • improvement tracking, unique visitors / unique page views
  • design improvements and bug fixes

v3.8. - 05.05.2023 (major changes to infrastructure)

  • migration to new server infrastructure
  • switching from MariaDB to clickhouse for most database tables (90% better performance)
  • nodeJS integration

v3.7.4 - 29.03.2023

  • "message box" if your account exeeded page view limit
  • option to purchase additional page views or upgrade account
  • Fix datepicker bug: sometimes, some days were missing inside the graph
  • fix timezone bug
  • disable pdf/csv export at public url`s
  • fix some icon bugs

v3.7.3 - 22.03.2023

  • optimize payment process with paddle when payment has been canceled
  • new pdf and csv export functions

v3.7.2 - 02.03.2023

  • translations (german) for Conversions subpage, for better understanding
  • optimized "compare last period" feature

v3.7.1 - 02.03.2023

  • bugfixing for date picker
  • new paid addon "unlimited user"

v3.7 - 22.02.2023

  • new feature "small icons for referer pages"
  • renaming of some columns in "goals detail page"
  • fixing some bugs for filter functions
  • referer subpage - columns for bounce rate can now be sorted
  • adding a new agent blacklist to prevent bots from beeing tracked - improve statistics

v3.6.1 - 12.01.2023

  • new feature "exclude url/path from tracking

v3.6 - 03.01.2023

  • update laravel (backend, user management)
  • bugfixing, translations, styling

v3.5.2 - 25.11.2022

  • reactivation Google Search Console feature (integration as paid addon)

v3.5.1 - 26.09.2022

  • bugfixing graph

v3.5 - 15.09.2022

  • (new) add CSV import
  • (new) buy unlimited websites feature

v3.4.1 - 18.08.2022

  • disable some live stats feature for free package
  • add some graphic feature into real time stats
  • bugfixing source "direct traffic"
  • disable google search console (this will be a paid addon in the future)

v3.4 - 12.08.2022

  • add missing icons for devices (devices)
  • fix breadcrumbs bug (live statistics)
  • upgrade subscription - no need to add zip again
  • optimise filter, bugfixing when using filter
  • fix bugs for conversions / goals
  • time picker modification
  • bugfixing passwort reset function
  • real time stats - disable graphic animation
  • design optimization

v3.3 - 01.08.2022

  • implementation new "device-detector" to parse visitors (matomo version)

v3.2 - 08.06.2022

  • bugfixes
  • translations
  • design optimization

v3.1 - 03.06.2022

  • implementation "exceed page views / stop counting"
  • option to buy page views as separate packages 

v3.0 - 01.06.2022

  • complete update of the "real time data" section

v2.6 - 12.05.2022

  • Design Updates
  • Bugfixing
  • new "free package"
  • translation "regions"

v2.5 - 08.03.2022

  • Optimised site performance.

v2.4 - 23.02.2022

  • When a new website is added to Trackboxx an information box appears to inform the user that the data is being collected.

v2.3 - 14.02.2022

  • Goal conversions added to Country, Devices and Referrer on the main dashboard. Also added to the regional listing for each Country.

v2.2 - 16.01.2022

  • Added search results for regions and cities
  • News notifications added to dashboard


v2.1 - 15.10.2021

  • FEATURE: Now able to link Google Console to dashboard
  • Added further filter options
  • Added a tool to manage number of pageviews for when you have several sites listed
  • FEATURE: Added a URL builder to the settings to support UTM parameters
  • Roadmap updated
  • Added documentation to Help Center
  • Udated security features


v2.0 - 10.04.2021

  • Added view last week to time period options
  • Updated the option to cancel subscription
  • Improved responsive design for time periods
  • Improved registration process back-end
  • Fixed bug: visability of your current package not available
  • Added "Back To Dashboard" shortcut in the main menu
  • Fixed bug: time period not visible for mobile device
  • Translations to sub-pages - German to English
  • Send again option added to E-Mail verification process


v1.2 - 10.12.2020

  • Dashboard redesigned to help deal with UX issues
  • Website updates with new design
  • Created "Roadmap" for platform
  • Fixed issues with Paddle payment process when ordering package
  • Added English translations throughout
  • Fixed links for buttons in the date options
  • Changed the graph to display 7 days of the week and visitor numbers
  • Fixed bug with graph data
  • Added Live Visitors to dashboard
  • Updated imprint and data protection pages
  • Corrections made to tariffs under "Change your Plan"
  • Updated documentation on how to add script to your website


v1.1 - 10.11.2020

  • Added the size of devices to data
  • changed the appearance of the data picker tool
  • Improved responsive design for mobile device
  • Fixed bug in country display settings