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What is the difference between Google Analytics and Trackboxx?

Google Analytics is a service from Google that is used on millions of websites. The service is 100% free of charge for the end user. The reason for this is that Google evaluates and processes the data for its own offers, evaluations etc.

With Trackboxx we offer a GDPR-compliant tracking analysis, which processes and visualizes your visitor statistics without cookies and without storing and processing personal data. 

To offer this service, the use of Trackboxx is subject to a fee.

How does the tracking from Trackboxx work?

Trackboxx web analysis works 100% without the use of cookies and storage of personal data.

We use the visitor's IP address and some other parameters (not personal data) once and generate a "hash" to "track" the visitor while on the site. This hash is stored for a maximum of 24 hours and then automatically deleted. Therefore a subsequent recognition is impossible.

It is not possible to see a visitor's history, nor is it possible to decrypt an IP from the hash.

Furthermore, we only store the most necessary data such as number of visitors, page views, origin, bounce rate and end device. 

Hash & decryption in detail:

We create 2 hash values. One for the visitor and one for the page that is called.

User Hash: Signature Hash + IP + User Agent + SiteID + Current Day

Page Hash: Signature Hash + IP + User Agent + SiteID + Hostname + Path + Current Day

The signature hash is renewed every day, which means that the data cannot be decrypted afterwards.

Do I still need a Consent Banner / Cookiebox?

First of all, we would like to mention that this is not legal advice. In case of doubt, every website operator should consult their data protection officer.

One of the great advantages of Trackboxx is that, from our point of view, no separate consent via opt-in (Consent Banner) is required.

We are aware that one or the other privacy expert disagrees and argues that Trackboxx stores and processes the IP address of the visitor.

Here is a brief statement from our data protection officers:

"The storage of personal data does not necessarily require consent. This is also not derived from the TTDSG. The TTDSG addresses cookies and the like in Section 25 TTDSG.
Art. 6 GDPR provides the legal basis. Legitimate interest should be applicable to Trackboxx.

The IP address is processed by Trackboxx "only", namely to anonymize it or pseudonymize it for the duration of the hash validity."


What does Trackboxx cost?

Please click HERE to see our prices.

The smallest tariff starts at 5,00€ per month and includes up to 25,000-page views which is enough for many websites.

Which tariff do I need?

The Starter Rate for 5.00€ per month includes a maximum of one website and a total of 25,000-page views.

For many websites, this tariff will be sufficient.

Let us assume 100 visitors per day and each visitor opens on average 3 subpages. In total this would be 9000-page views.

Im Tarif Business für 14,00€ sind bereits 100.000 Seitenaufrufe inklusive. Ausserdem können unbegrenzt Webseiten überwacht werden. Pro Tag sind das im Schnitt 3.333 Seitenaufrufe. 

If you exceed the maximum number of page views, there will be no extra costs. Please see the following FAQ.

What happens when I have used up my page views?

There are no additional costs if you exceed the maximum number of page views. If you exceed the limit in the first month or 2 months in a row, we will contact you to upgrade your account.

On our Roadmap there are further adjustments planned within this process. 

How do I add the tracking code into my site?

The tracking code will be displayed in your dashboard once you have created a website. Copy the code and paste it into the header of your website before the closing .

Detailed documentation will be published in our documentation.

We will also provide plugins to make the integration easier.

If you need help, contact us.

What happens if I delete my account?

In principle you have the option to cancel your paid subscription, but we will still store your traffic data. (max. 6 months)

If you do not want to do so, you will find an option in your user account to delete your entire Trackboxx account including all data.

What does payment processing via Paddle mean?

The entire payment process and sale of individual packages at Trackboxx is handled by the payment provider Paddle. This also means that on your invoice as well as when you pay via PayPal "" is shown as the payee.