Do I need to adjust my privacy policy

Even though Trackboxx is a privacy-compliant solution and does not require a separate consent requirement, you should expand your privacy policy accordingly.

We have created a corresponding text that you can copy to include in your privacy policy.

Please note!
In the following section, you need to enter your own Trackboxx ID. So please adjust the section "TB-ENTER-YOUR-TRACKBOXX-ID-HERE" accordingly. In the end, it should look something like this: TB-66377283

<h3>Webanalysedienst Trackboxx</h3>
Wir nutzen auf unserer Seite den Webanalysedienst <a href="">Trackboxx</a>. We use it to statistically evaluate visitor access and analyse the use of our website. The data is stored anonymously on a server in Germany for the aforementioned purpose and is subject to the regulations of the GDPR.

We do not use any cookies or store personal data for the analysis. Instead, your IP address is used to generate a code, which is then assigned to an anonymous user ID as long as you are on our website. This data cannot be assigned to a specific individual and is encrypted with a code that changes daily. It is therefore not possible to “recognize” you when you visit our website again.

Cross-page tracking, linking of the data with other sources, or transfer of information to third parties does not take place.


But if you still do not want to help improve our website you can prevent your page visit from being included in the evaluation by activating the "Do-Not-Track-function" in your browser. You can find information on how this works with the most common browser types under the following links:


<a href="">Internet Explorer 11</a>

<a href="">Mozilla Firefox</a>

<a href="">Google Chrome</a>

You can prevent Trackboxx from collecting your data at any time by clicking on the following slider.

<label class="tb-switch">
<input id="tbTrackingAllowed" type="checkbox" value="true" data-domain="TB-HIER-DEINE-TRACKING-ID-EINTRAGEN" /></label>

Allow Tracking
<script type="text/javascript">
function tbInitTrackingCheckBox(id) {
var checkBox = document.getElementById(id);
checkBox.checked = trackboxxHelper.trackingEnabled();
checkBox.onclick = function () {
this.checked ? trackboxxHelper.enableTracking() : trackboxxHelper.enableTracking('no');
document.addEventListener("tbScriptLoaded", function () {


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