Do not track own IP

    There are various options for not including your own IP in the tracking. The easiest option is probably to use the "Do not track" function in the browser that you are using, which does not track your IP address when you visit a website.
    We explain how to configure this here.

    "Do not track" when using Google Chrome Browser

    In Google Chrome, open the settings.

    Now select the "Security and privacy" item

    Now scroll down to "Cookies and other website data" and click on Options.

    Here you select "Send a "Do Not Track" request on browser access" and activate the "toogle".

    Now click on confirm in the following popup.

    "Do not track" when using Microsoft Edge Browser

    In Microsoft Edge, open the settings.

    Now selects "Privacy Search and Services

    Now select the option "Do Not Track" - Send requirements ("Do Not Track") and activate the "toogle".

    In the following popup you confirm your selection by clicking on the button "Send request".

    "Do not track" when using Firefox Browser

    Opens the settings in Firefox.

    Now select "Security and Privacy" in the menu.

    Now select "always" here in "More options".


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