UTM Tracking

UTM parameters allow you to better track, structure and understand traffic from various sources.

For example, with the help of UTM parameters you can analyze exactly how many clicks a specific post on Facebook sends to your target. Or you are able to see how many users clicked on a link in your last newsletter.

More effective evaluation of Google ads is also possible with the help of UTM parameters.

How exactly does UTM tracking work with Trackboxx?

Trackboxx is able to detect and display 3 different UTM parameters:

  1. Sources
  2. Medium
  3. Campaign

With these 3 parameters you can create your UTM link and the corresponding traffic will be "broken down" in the UTM sources area.

Example of a link + UTM parameter:


This is a link that has been created for a banner on the www.fastwp.de portal. If someone clicks on this banner, the following information is transferred to Trackboxx:

utm_source=fastwp = So source is fastwp

utm_medium=banner%20sidebar%20blog = the medium in this case is a banner, in the sidebar on the blog of fastwp

utm_campaign=banner advertising = the campaign in this case was titled banner advertising

Of course, you can name the individual parameters as you wish. In the end, you should only be able to see as clearly as possible where the corresponding traffic comes from.

Another example:


For example, you have linked a special offer in your newsletter. The UTM link could then be structured as follows:


In the Trackboxx, a corresponding click in your newsletter would now be displayed including the following information:

utm_source=newsletter= So source is a newsletter

utm_medium=email = the medium is e-mail

utm_campaign=october-newsletter = it is a newsletter that was sent in October


Create UTM Link

On the Trackboxx Dashboard / Setting you can find our UTM Link Generator. Here you can use this to create your UTM links.


You have questions, need support or just want to get something off your chest, then we look forward to your request.