Is Trackboxx as good as Google Analytics?

Trackboxx aims to provide a GDPR compliant alternative to other tracking solutions such as Google Analytics, Matomo and Co.

However, the basic idea of Trackboxx is a different one and we primarily pursue 2 aspects with our web analysis:

  1. 100% GDPR compliant tracking without storage of personal data.
  2. Clear and simple representation of the data. The aim is to understand immediately what happens on your own website without any training - and without having to click 3 levels further. All fundamental data can be seen in the first view.


Data quality compared to Google Analytics

As we do not use cookies and make our tracking as data protection compliant as possible, the data quality is not 100% comparable to Google.

In our comparative tests, however, we have nevertheless achieved a data quality of 85% - 90% measured by Analytics.


Performance compared to Google Analytics

The tracking script of Trackboxx is much more "lightweight" than e.g. the Google Analytics script. The result is less influence on the performance and loading time of your website.


All in all, of course Trackboxx cannot evaluate the visitor statistics of your website in detail - but this is exactly what we intend to do.

To avoid the cookie banner, it is important to collect only the data that justifies a legitimate interest.

Irrespective of this, you can also use the analysis of Trackboxx to evaluate your visitor statistics in detail and draw important analyses or conclusions.


You have questions, need support or just want to get something off your chest, then we look forward to your request.